Surveillance and Private Investigation – What’s the Connection?


You may not know it, but surveillance and private investigation are closely related to each other. Surveillance is in fact, a very important element for a private investigative service to succeed. Surveillance is an investigative technique. It refers to the close observation of a subject or place in order to get valuable information regarding a case such as cheating spouse, insurance fraud, finding a missing person, claims for compensation, theft or burglary, and other similar situations. This particular task usually takes place when there are events, interactions or identities that a private investigator wants to gather in relation to a particular subject – when he or she is hired by some interested party to do the job.


Is Surveillance Legal?


Depending on the actual circumstances or scenario, surveillance can be legal or not because it dwells right in the borderline between a person’s right to know the truth and the other party’s right to privacy. One careless move can put the job or the entire case in jeopardy.


This is one of the very reasons why surveillance should be entrusted only to professionals – someone who knows his place in the whole scenario, because the job requires extreme care and considerable knowledge of the law.


Although it is often used for evidence and information gathering purposes, surveillance is also an effective tool for preventing crimes and identifying would-be perpetrators of crimes. PIs can even use it as a technique for finding individuals who may be missing or hiding. If you want to locate a missing person in Cleveland for example, you may hire a private investigator for this purpose. The evidence obtained by private investigators through surveillance can be used in and out of court so that particular cases can be resolved.


Why Hire Professionals to Do Surveillance?


Surveillance is a sensitive job that requires not just ordinary professionals but experienced practitioners. It is something that you just can’t allow amateurs to handle.


Because surveillance requires experience and professionalism, it is imperative that you should give it to only to licensed and qualified persons. If you are involved in a project or a case that requires the gathering of sensitive information or evidence, you should seek the assistance of a licensed private investigator. PIs can really help to put your case in the right track through a systematic surveillance and investigative process.