Private Investigators – Where Does their Information Come From?

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Some people may not know it, but private investigators are not granted police authority or power. PIs are ordinary individuals just like most of us and their line of duty is gather information required by their client to satisfy a specific legal, employment, credit and other needs. Some information might be personal in nature but a private investigator needs to be resourceful to be able to obtain these. Here are some of the most common sources PIs get information from:

1. Investigative Databases

Licensed PIs are authorized to access investigative databases compiled by private investigative agencies. These databases contain relevant information such as people’s names, addresses, telephone number, credit header information and public records of persons and businesses.

2. Court Records

Court records, whether they are old or new, can provide about the background of a person or business. Here, a private investigator can dig relevant information about the background of a person or organization.

3. Public Records

This is another source where private investigators can get information relating to a person’s transactions with the government or private establishments.

4. Social Networks

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are places where PIs can get information about individuals.

5. Garbage

You might be surprised to know that garbage containers and other places where individuals place discarded items can serve as good sources of information. They are the most likely holders of thrown away items that carry personal information such as telephone bills, medical records, electric bills, medical records and other items that are people throw away as thrash.

6. Human Intelligence

Private investigators refer to human intelligence as information derived from surveillance and interviews with people who have potential personal knowledge about their subject.

A private investigator’s job is never easy or fun. It requires cunning, resourcefulness, patience and common sense.