5 Private Investigation Myths the Movies Made You Believe

When talking about private investigators, two things may come to mind: a heroic act to catch the bad guys or a villainous guy out to wreck havoc on people’s lives. This type of job is almost always associated with either reputation or notoriety – characterizations that may be attributed to the way PIs are portrayed in TV shows and movies.

Flickr. com / paurian
Flickr. com / paurian

Entertaining as they are, private investigations in movies fail miserably at depicting what the whole work really is. Here are a few PI myths we are busting right here:

  • PIs live action-packed, suspense-loaded days. Ready for the truth? In most days, providers of private investigation services spend a significant amount of time on information gathering and evidence assessment. As these data are either to be presented to the client or used in court, so they need to be carefully evaluated, This, in fact, can sound unexciting, and it can be! But the job is to make sure that no single piece of the puzzle is left unsolved.
  • PIs dress like the mysterious guys that they are. So many movies have depicted PIs doing stealth work and aren’t like most others – so they are usually wearing the trench-coat-and-a-hat ensemble. Interestingly, PIs in the real world dress like the regular guys because they should blend in!
  • PIs are outlaws, rogue people who will do what it takes to get the information they need. No, they are not. They follow a specific process to get things done and don’t go the unlawful way! They need to communicate effectively to clients, making them regular people who are doing their jobs to please whom they work for.

What do you usually think about private investigations? Did the movies, at one time, sway you into thinking they’re not doing normal work like any decent person trying to do a job?


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